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Christine Merry

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Christine is an award-winning oil painter who is represented by the District Arts Gallery in Frederick, MD. Christine is best known for her glowing urban landscapes, which have won awards in numerous juried competitions on the East Coast. Christine began painting as a teenager and won her first award from the Greenwich Arts Council in Connecticut while still in high school. She went on to study painting with Abbott Meader at Colby College in Maine where she received her B.A. and went on to a multifaceted career that included running a small graphic design business, publishing a book, illustrating children’s stories and mural painting. Christine is fascinated by the urban landscape, which she finds full of iinteresting angles and reflective surfaces. "I am captivated by the way light and color can be distorted or scattered by a raindrop or reflected off a smooth surface. I capture these prisms of color and light through my quick and direct brushstrokes. To create a sense of urgency is a further reminder that this particular scene’s moment in time won’t last."


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