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Teresa Oaxaca 2 Day Workshop


Saturday Feb 24 & Sunday Feb 25 from 10:00am-4:30pm

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the Neo-Baroque painting style from renowned artist, Teresa Oaxaca. Teresa is an American born artist based in Washington D.C. whose works can be seen in collections and galleries throughout the US and internationally. Click here to register

The Workshop will begin with a painting demonstration from the live model each morning to acquaint the students with the instructor's approach to painting. During the demonstration, the instructor will address concepts involved in setting up a good composition, building an expressive likeness, materials, values, colors, edges and brushstrokes. The instructor will be available to answer questions throughout the demonstration.

During the 2 days, the students will establish their own portraits. Students should be prepared to start one painting of 16×20” during the workshop. The instructor will offer individual critiques as the paintings progress. Emphasis will be on creating a powerful and aesthetically compelling painting with emphasis on artistic design, understanding of values, the importance of edges, expressive brushstrokes, and effective use of color. Color plays a crucial role in Neo-Baroque art. Artists may utilize a rich and vibrant palette, with attention to creating depth and dimension through shading, highlighting, and chiaroscuro (the contrast between light and shadow). This creates a sense of depth and adds to the overall dramatic effect of the artwork.

A supply list, including the colors and brands of Teresa's palette will be sent to each student. It is not necessary that you paint with exactly the same colors and brands that Teresa uses.


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